Navigating the Future of African Banking

Insights from the African Digital Banking Transformation Report

Thursday, 4 July 2024  |  12:30 GMT

13:30 Lagos
Addis Ababa

Navigating the Future of African Banking

Insights from the African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2024

Africa’s banking sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution. As customers demand more convenience, choice and personalisation, banks are scrambling to embrace new technologies and business models that can help them stay competitive and relevant. From mobile money to cloud computing, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, the digital transformation of banking is reshaping the financial landscape of the continent.

This Webinar will discuss main digital trends in African banks based on the findings of the 4th edition of The African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2024. The Report, which was produced by African Banker and Backbase, draws on comprehensive survey data from more than 150 banks spanning 35 countries, providing an in-depth analysis of current digital banking trends, key innovations, and digital transformation progress.

On our panel...

Eunice R. Gatama

Group Head of Ecosystems, Strategic Partnerships and Digital Lending at I&M Bank

Nvalaye Kourouma

Chief Digital Officer at Ecobank Group

Heidi Custers

Digital Transformation Director at Backbase

Harry Clynch

Moderator and Tech Journalist at African Banker